April 10, 2015
We are pleased to have Solarflare as a new of our strategic partners program. Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that accelerate, monitor and secure network data, and is the pioneer in high-performance, low-latency 10/40GbE server networking solutions. For more information on Solarflare please go to www.solarflare.com. 

Rick Mullikin
Managing Director
We are very pleased to have Doctorate Candidate Ms. Sondra Beall-Davis as an Associate to the SCG LLC team. Sondra will be focusing on IT Management tools and management consulting practice at SCG LLC. Sondra has extensive experience in IT Management and implementation. You can reach Sondra directly at [email protected].

Dr. John Palmer

May 12, 2015
We are very pleased to announce that we have completed our VOSB certification. We are looking forward to working with our partners on meeting their VOSB contractual needs. It is our pleasure to offer our engineering services capabilities in systems engineering, programs management, IT and Cybersecurity to prime aerospace and defense contractors. 

Rick Mullikin
Managing Director
We are very pleased to have Affiliate Engineering (AEI) as a strategic partner. AEI is a global Technical Consulting Firm. www.aeieng.com. AEI provides multi-disciple technical consulting capabilities that are needed for major global cutting edge technology projects. Sigma team are looking forward to working with AEI team on our U.S. and International business pursuits.
​Dr. John Palmer

Please join me to welcome Mr. Mohammed Saqr as a new partner at Sigma Consulting Group LLC. Mr. Saqr brings over 25 years of high technology experience and served as an executive and US fortune 500 companies in this area. Mr. Saqr will be focusing on the aerospace and defense consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Mr. Saqr will be leading the international pursuits of commercial and military telecommunications satellties, Sensor Satellties, Unmanned Air Vehicle, Aircrafts, Sensors, Missiles, Radars, ground control stations, ground control centers, Depot and logistics procurements in these regions. Welcome aboard Mr. Saqr.
Dr. John Palmer

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We are very pleased to have Ms. Mele Kramer as a new Associate to the SCG LLC team. Currently, Mele is pursuing her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology/Consulting Psychology. She completed her undergraduate studies at New York University where she studied Psychology, Education, Art and Expressive Therapies. She has been an Executive Leader in the Healthcare and Education for over 15 years working in public and private sectors including, hospitals, institutions and corporations as an Educator and Leader, Public Speaker and Change Consultant.  
Her recent work has been within the cardiovascular specialty area, focusing on Leadership Training and Development with Clinicians in Hospitals with the focus on patient Transition of Care to expand awareness, education and connection for patient services including alternative options for preventative care and post patient care with the goal of optimizing costs to optimize healthcare services and patient wellness.  
Mele's focus as an I/O Consultant include Leadership Development to bring awareness and urgency for the need to cultivate cultural diversity for the purpose of advancement through globalization in Healthcare and other Industries in order to withstand competitive market changes and to optimize systems that will maximize profitability.  

Dr. John Palmer

Please join me to welcome two new partners at Sigma Consulting Group LLC.
Dr. Sondra Beall-Davis and Dr. Leo Sedlmeyer. Both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the high technology sector, Aviation, First responders, healthcare, corporate management training, and Arm Forces Experience.

Dr. Sondra Beall-Davis Managing Partner
Dr. Sondra Beall-Davis has designed, implemented and deployed corporate universities and training programs globally. Dr. Beall-Davis has provides consultative services developing training programs and managing projects that increase product knowledge. Dr. Beal-Davis held key roles with Fortune 500 companies including Parametric Technologies, Huawei Technologies, Sun Microsystems/Oracle, Digital Equipment Corporation, Warner Bros, and Eastman Kodak. 

Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer Managing Partner
Dr. Leo R. Sedlmeyer has 41 years of experience in the corporate, private sector,
state, federal, and municipal positions as a supervisor, manager, director, and
president. He spent 20 of the 41 years in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Air Force Reserves,
and Air National Guard fire service serving in the ranks from fire fighter, to Deputy Fire
Chief retiring in 2001 as a Master Sergeant E-7. Dr. Sedlmeyer is also a Disabled
American Veteran. Experienced in Fire & EMS consulting and Aviation Fire Protection (ARFF).
Please join me to welcome Dr. Amin Ghanem as a new partners at Sigma Consulting Group LLC.
Dr. Ghanem will be focusing on the continuous healthcare consultancy in the US, EMEA, Latin America, and the APAC region. Dr. Ghanem comes to Sigma with over 30 years of medical experience where he served as a chief cardiovascular surgent at multiple hospitals. We very please to have Dr. Ghanem accept the leading of this consultancy area. Welcome aboard Dr. Ghanem.

Dr. John Palmer

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Tim Andersen has joined the Sigma Consulting team as an Associate. Tim graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Markets and Culture and brought a wealth of global research experience. I am looking forward to Tim’s contribution to our consulting activities. Please reach out and welcome him to the Sigma Consulting Group LLC team. I have started working with Tim on technology, and international business consulting efforts and am looking forward to his contribution to the Sigma team.Please join me to welcome a new associate to our Sigma Consulting Group LLC.
I am please to announce the establishment of our International business consulting division that has an investing arm, import/export arm, global companies representation in the united state arm, global marketing arm, training and educational business arm.
I am please to announce that our international devision business executive has completed a trip to Columbia and we will be exploring several business opportunities and investment in the region.