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Our business development consulting services include initial assessments of customer needs, development of solutions that meets their business needs including (FCPA compliance management needs, ITAR compliance needs, TAA licensing needs, SOA,PLM, SCM, CRM, etc.), identify the best solution available in the market that meets their needs and best ROI, Engage our global technology solutions team as well as, industry partners teams to implement selected architectures. 

Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Service include wireless telecom performance monitoring, data storage, security on the cloud, application hosting, and data storage, at a competitive cost.

Our business process consulting practices are based on collaborating with our customers in every step of the way to final successful solution implementations. Our customers will have visibility throughout the consulting process and our will act as a trusted advisor and a partner to our customers’ team throughout our engagement.

For our government customers, our staffs of consultants are able to engage in discussion from unclassified to Top Secret levels.

Sigma Consulting Group is nimble with current knowledge of the technology and the global markets provide a unique value to our customers. Due to the Sigma Consulting Group teams’ character and experience, our customers will gain the following benefits at a very early stage of our consulting engagement:
  • Timely insights on available technology.
  • Comparative analysis of existing technologies. 
  • Commercial and military aerospace aftermarket business consulting
  • Benefits of technology implementations to their specific environment.
  • How to acquire and manage these technologies.
  •  How to get the best ROI of these technologies.
  •  Where they stand in the global competitive environment
  • Continues healthcare consulting services
  • Fire and EMS Services Consulting
  • Aviation Fire Protection (ARFF) Consulting
  • Foreign Corrupt Act (FCPA) compliance programs

SCG has expanded our consultancy into the continuous healthcare arena though the new alliance with a continuous healthcare provider and led by Dr. Ghanem with over 30 years of experience as a new member of the SCG team.

SCG has expanded our consultancy into international markets by having a dedicated Division for International Business and Diplomacy, Import/Export, Global Investments, Global Business Advisory on "How to Do Business in The United States", USA Corporate Representation, and Corporate Marketing in the US Markets.
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